2022 forum
  • 11.11
    hall A 13:00-14:00
    The Coordinate in Chinese Female Art Collection and Art Market
    Guest Speaker:
    Joan Zhang (Founder of ASE Foundation, Founding Partner ABC Capital, President ABC Corporation)
    Su Yuxin (Artist)
    Zhao Wenxi (Young Collector)
    Tutu Zhu (Curator, Writer)

  • hall A 14:10-15:10
    Collecting Digital Art
    Guest Speaker:
    Sylvia Wang (TRLab Asia Lead, Young Collector)
    Shi Zheng (Artist)
    Yolanda Zeng (Phillips Associate Regional Representative)
    Zhu Lin (Artist, Art Writer, Former Editor-In-Chief of artnow)

  • hall A 15:20-16:20
    Narrative in Time and Time in Narrative: Folding Images of the City
    Guest Speaker:
    Shen Qilan
    Sun Ruixiang
    Lin Mingjie
    Yu Lei (Managing Director of Noblesse Media, Editorial Director of Noblesse)

  • hall A 16:30-17:30
    The Solidarity of the Negative
    Guest Speaker:
    Zhang Ruyi (Artist)
    Zhu Lin (Artist, Art Writer, Former Editor-In-Chief of artnow)
    Lin Ye (Curator, Art Critic, Art Writer)

  • 11.12
    hall A 12:30-13:30
    New Logic and Exploration of Collecting Digital Art, NFT and dNFT
    Guest Speaker:
    Chen Baoyang (Artist, Curator)
    Greg Van den Bergh (Collector, Founder of Glimmer Dao)
    Moses Li (Artist)

    Emma Cheng (Curator, Founder of Neal Space)
  • hall A 13:30-14:30
    10th Anniversary Forum of OCAT Shanghai I
    Guest Speaker:
    Shao Wenhuan (Artist, Associate Professor Central Academy of Fine Arts)
    Shi Hantao (Curator, Writer)
    Tao Hanchen (Assistant Director of OCAT Shanghai)

  • hall A 14:30-15:30
    10th Anniversary Forum of OCAT Shanghai II
    Guest Speaker:
    Zhang Ding (Artist)
    Zhang Peili (Artist, Executive director of OCAT Shanghai)
    Yang Zhengzhong (Artist)
    Lu Mingjun (Academic Director of OCAT Shenzhen., Young Researcher of the School of Philosophy in Fudan University, Curator)

  • hall A 15:30-16:30
    In Art We Live
    Guest Speaker:
    Ding Yi (Artist)
    Mi Meimei (Sales Director of Giorgetti China)
    Vivian Zhu (Founder of Area Living)

    Xu Lumei (Deputy Lifestyle Director of Noblesse)

  • hall A 16:30-17:30
    Collection, creation and the future of cities : The development path of private art museum
    Guest Speaker:
    Wang Huangsheng (Professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Member of the Academic Committee; Director of the Center of New Art Museum Studies at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts)
    Zhang Gefang (Director of Guang Hui Art Museum)
    Zoey You (Chief of the collection department in Guang Hui Art Museum, Ph.D. of Fine Arts)

  • 11.13
    hall A 12:30-14:00
    From the Mulan River to the Mediterranean: From Geography to Identity
    Guest Speaker:
    Alexandra Grimmer (Curator & Publicist)
    Mingjun Lu (PhD in History, Curator, Young Researcher of the School of Philosophy in Fudan University)
    Feng Gao (Brand Management Consulting Expert & Sheng Zhang Lab Consultant)
    Beilei Fan (Architect)
    Ye Lin (Art Critic & Translator)
    Evonne Jiawei Yuan (Curator)
    Yufan Chen (Artist)
    Yujun Chen (Artist)
    Pencil.P (Co-founders, An Alliance Design and Culture Promotion Center, Co-founders, P&U|IP Innovation & Urban Development Conference)
    Evonne Jiawei Yuan (Curator)

  • hall A 14:00-15:00
    Art Collection and Family Estate Planning
    Guest Speaker:
    Lu Fengchuan (Collector)
    Vincent Wu (Executive Director, CICC Global Family Office)
    Rebecca Yang (Chairman of Christie\'s China)
    Shana Wu (Art Journalist)
    Ray Dong (Art Advisor)

  • hall A 15:00-16:00
    Beyond Metaverse: the drive of digital art in the Post Metaverse age
    Guest Speaker:
    Yu Tongzhou (Artist, Deputy Director of Institute of Media and Interaction Design in School of Design and Innovation, China Academy of Art)
    Floire Zheng (Head of Partnerships, VIVE Arts , China)
    Cedar Zhou (Artist, Founder of SCREENROOM)

  • hall A 16:00-17:50
    Believing in the Power of Design
    Guest Speaker:
    Jamy Yang (Founder and design director of YANG DESIGN and YANG HOUSE)
    Fei (PUSU Founder and Chief Art Officer)
    Lidan Liu (Founder & CEO of HOTO technology)
    Cao Feng (Founder of 20C Gallery)
    Ader Chen (Design Director of Xcellent design)
    Hou Zhengguang (Founder of MoreLess)